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The Happy Pigglets

2014-11-05 15.19.11I just put the finishing touches on these two sweeties.

Aren’t they cute?

A couple of months ago I saw the pattern on the Amigurumi To Go website and had to make one for myself. Of course that after finishing the first one, the boy, I was compelled to make a girl as well.

I love amigurumi crochet but hate dislike sewing the pieces together. I end up crocheting everything in a day and then the circles, tubes, and other body parts spend weeks and sometimes months in a corner on my desk while I desperately hope that the Amigurumi Fairy will appear one night and put the tangled mess together. Eventually I realize that I cannot escape my fate (duh!), and months later TA DA here’re some cute piglets.

Since it is almost Christmas I was thinking of making a couple of miniature Santa hats for them and using the piglets as seasonal decorations.

Maybe bunny ears for Easter? We’ll see.

A few new creations

Here are the most recent additions to my store…

Diamond Bag/Purse


Cellphone/Wallet/Camera Case


Midnight Grey Infinity Scarf


Red Velvet Doughnut Pincushion


White Crochet Westie Dog


Goldie the Goldfish – Crochet Amigurumi



My first sale!

I’m so happy! I woke up yesterday to an email announcing that I’ve made my first ever sale on Etsy. It was the Minion Key Cozy that I wrote about in my previous post, and he is currently on his way to Texas. Quite a long way for the little guy!

Now I have to find some time between the many WIPs littering my desk and make another Minion.

I’ve been busy lately making stuff for family, friends, and also a few things that will go up for sale in my stores within the next few days. So stay tuned!

Keychain – Tiny Penguin

I’ve been working on this little guy on an off for a few days now. It might look like a small and easy project, but crocheting him was definitely not a walk on the beach. I used a 2.5 mm hook and fine bamboo yarn, and since I crochet tighter that most people, half the time I couldn’t even find my stitches. I’m not even going to go into how fun it was sewing all those tiny pieces together. In the end, it was worth it because he’s so darn cute! Take a look for yourselves if you don’t believe me.





I’m going to attach a string to the top of his head and put him on my keychain or attach him to my purse.

Cute and Fluffy

The following are two fluffy amigurumi toys I’ve made.

The first is a ball of fluff and he’s about the size of a soccer ball.

Fluff Ball

The next amigurumi toy is a chinchilla. I bought the pattern from PlanetJune’s Store.


The crochet part consisted of a few different sized cylinders, but what I found a little challenging was the assembly of the finished pieces. It took a lot of sewing and resewing to get all the parts symmetrically placed on the body. And I still think that one ear is more to the side than the other, and the front legs are not quite where I wanted them to be. The finished size is about 10″ long and 4.5″ tall. I also used a pet slicker brush to make the body and tail fluffy, leaving the rest smooth.

Meet Albert the Sleepy Sheep

Hi everyone!

I’d like to introduce to you the very first crochet amigurumi I made. His name is Albert the Sleepy Sheep, and this is the pattern I used.

Albert 1

This is what he likes to do in his free time…

He talks on the phone a lot.

Albert 4

He listens to music.

Albert 2

And, of course, loves to crochet.

Albert 3

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