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Playing Card Coasters – gift idea

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a Christmas gift for a family member who loves playing poker. It’s a set of four coasters of aces of all four suits.

Playing Cards Coasters

When I thought of this gift idea I was hoping to find a pattern on the internet, but my search yielded no results. So I had to design my own diagrams and pattern. The good news is that I managed to finish right in time for Christmas Eve.

For this project, I used my favourite bamboo yarn in white, red, and black. The squares are 3.5 inches wide, 25 stitches by 25 rows, with a border row. I tried using worsted weight yarn but the gauge was too big and the resulting squares were the size of pot-holders, not coasters. I tried modifying the pattern to keep the size of the squares while decreasing the number of stitches and rows, but this significantly reduced the detail in the design, so I found that using a finer yarn and hook was better.

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on the pattern and I might make it available soon.

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